Sunday, July 25, 2010

Urban Outfitters outrage

If you've been following the blogs of various celebrities or fashion critics, you've witnessed more than just a few grievances about trendsetter Urban Outfitter's latest creation, a tee advising its wearers to "eat less."

Icons like Sophia Bush have voiced their dissent with the company demanding that the corporation apologize for its "sickening" message, most often citing that the shirt encourages girls to "starve" themselves and only furthers the crisis of body image in teen girls. Quite frankly, these icons are missing the point.

Those who have followed UO's edgy and affordable mission have recognized its early jump on the "green" trend, often times using words with double meanings to provide that edge its buyers have come to know and love (come on, what twenty-something urbanite doesn't love the attention and the controversy?). The "eat less" shirt has once again followed in that selling strategy.

First and foremost, "eat less" is in no way referring to anorexia or eating disorders of any kind -- it is the latest mantra in healthy eating; that in our day and age of overconsumption and ginormous portion distortion (that's kind of catchy...), nutritionists and health specialists alike are regularly recommending that America, well, eats less! The fact that our favorite celebrities have chosen to take a stand on a controversy that is not built-in with this slogan only points to the little follow-up these celebrities do in the realm of health and beauty.

Sure, UO probably left the true intention of the shirt open for discussion. But considering they're a business, you can bet they did this on purpose; controversy is free advertising! To say that the company is promoting unhealthy body image or should donate "hefty" amounts of money to an eating disorders unit is ridiculous. The tee's message is actually one worth considering, one of eating less junk for the sake of our health, less processed food for the sake of our bodies, and less carbon-creating products for the sake of our earth.

Yeah, I said it -- these celebrities don't know what they're talking about! So buy away, spend your hipster dollar at the UO guilt-free. Make sure to tell Sophia hello for me while you're there.

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  1. Considering they support homophobic politicians, and over price EVERYTHING in the damn store, no dollar in my possession spent there could be considered "guilt free".