Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good riddance, energy drinks

As you probably know by now if you know me at all -- I am a recovering energy-drinkaholic. It's true, I used to challenge the warning labels asking you to limit your consumption to three cans a day, pull all-nighters thanks to Full Throttle after Full Throttle, and I was pretty convinced I could be the poster child for Monster Lo-Carb. I even started a collection of the difference gas station varieties as a summer project. Realizing how I quite enjoy, um, SLEEPING, I gave them up for a while, but pick one up every now and then just to get through the whole schoolactiviesworkhomework process.

Naturally, it didn't seem like a huge deal when I picked one up before class. I sipped my gianormo can of Sugarfree Red Bull (which, by the way, is super hypocritical considering my last entry on artificial sweeteners...) and we seemed to have no problems. I had a sudden headache but chalked it up to drinking my liquid caffeine too fast.

Then, I kid you not, my right arm went numb and my vision blurred. A wave of nausea came over me, but I figured I could at least make it to the end of class. Walking out, however, my entire arm and tongue fell asleep, my words slurred and collided, and I couldn't put together a simple text message.

My aunt suggested I go to the campus health provider to have my blood pressure checked, but I opted for stuffing my face with bread and water at the student center. Luckily, I feel fine now, but I learned my lesson.

Case in point: no more energy drinks. I'm twenty years old and suffered a possible stroke? Yeah, this isn't okay. It's hasta la never to you, energy drinks, hope you enjoyed my company.

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  1. I've experienced the same thing with those 5 hour energy shots. They are so bad for you. Even though they boast that they contain "natural" ingredients, NOTHING in an energy drink is natural. If you want a little pick me up, it's always best to go with tea or even coffee. I have learned my lesson about energy drinks and refuse to drink anything but coffee or tea. If absolutely necessary, a 20 minutes power nap is a lot better than chugging a Full Throttle or Red Bull. Take it from a Biology major, consuming multiple energy drink may be an affective way of accomplishing your to do list in the short term, but long term they only supply you with more complications and health concerns.