Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My biggest vices

I've learned something over the years: I have an addictive personality. Considering I'm a huge foodie, this becomes an issue when I'm trying to cut back on what I shovel in my mouth! Here's to highlighting my top edible vices and how I've learned to "cope" with them.

5. Monster Lo-Carb

As someone who readily gets herself involved in far too many things, the idea of sleep is often times way too tempting to beat. Thus, the addiction to energy drinks. While these little beasts pack quite the powerful punch, they're notorious for spiking energy levels only to cause a dramatic energy crash not long after and wreak havoc on your immune system, eek!
Solution: Lack of energy is usually a result of one of the following: dehydration, low B-12 levels, or too little sleep. My answer is d. All of the above, so instead of opting for the quick fix, aim for 7-9 hours of sleep a night, 8 glasses of water, and a liquid b-12 supplement. I like Now Ultra Liquid B-12.

4. Mini OreosLet's face it -- Oreos really are America's Favorite Cookie. Plus, this convenient fun-size version of the original snack makes them easy to pop in your mouth by the handful. Sugar seizure, anyone?
Solution: Try a super-sweet fruit before diving into that bag of cookies. Dates are a good choice; try date rolls, little dates covered in coconut with an almond center. Low in processed sugar, they'll trick your tongue into thinking it's candy! If your craving still refuses to back down, eat a few Minis and wait. Because you haven't deprived yourself, you should feel satisfied.

3. Taco BellCheap. Fast. Open late. I'm a broke college student; need I say more? Oh, but I can, and in just two simple words: Baja. Blast. My order: "Beef & Potato Burrito, substitute the ground beef for refried beans so no meat, Fresco it, so no sour cream or red sauce, add guacamole, crunchy red strips, and lettuce, and grill that for me, please? With tons of Fire sauce!"
Solution: While the best solution is no Taco Bell, the menu does offer some flexibility. Skip the sour cream and cheese and ask for your taco "Fresco style," which replaces the fat with a leaner tomato salsa. Soft shell is lower in fat than hard shell, and the refried beans are a fabulous and vegetarian substitute for the Grade-D meat.

2. Jalapeño kettle chips
If the loads of Fire sauce didn't clue you in, I like my food hot and spicy. We're talking Chipotle Tabasco and Cholula hot sauce on everything. At just 79¢ a bag at 7-11, every little bag reminds me that you "can't stop eating 'em."
Solution: Instead of chips, go for spicy crunchy vegetables. Carrots dipped in red pepper hummus make a great snack and provides necessary protein and nutrients to get through the day!

1. ChipotleYou've seen their ads advertising their burritos: "Usually when you roll something this good, it's illegal." And by golly, they've got to be putting something in that cilantro-lime rice that's less than ethical. SO. GOOD. SO. ADDICTING.
Solution: I switched from a burrito to the burrito bol. The simple switch saves 220 calories, woah! Try the vegetarian bol and go for guac instead of sour cream and cheese. To cut back on fat, I ask for half a spoonful of guacamole instead of the heaping glob they shovel on. I also cut out the spicy red tomatillo salsa, cutting out 520mg of sodium (that's 21% of your recommended daily sodium!), and use a few extra shakes of the Chipotle Tabasco provided at the soda counter. Also, it's pronounced "cheh-POHT-lay." Just saying.

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  1. i saw the title and thought to myself "if chipotle isn't number one....she's lying to her readers"